Established in April 2010, the Lewis & Clark County Green Team consists of County employees who are committed to the principles of financial and environmental sustainability within County Operations.

Please take a look at the Green Team’s accomplishments throughout the years.


  • Purchased bike rack for Fairgrounds (with contributions from S.A.V.E.) Advanced Environmental Preferred Purchasing Policy county-wide.
  • Organized and participated in Earth Hour (received County Proclamation from Board of County Commissioners on March 23, 2013)
  • Organized and participated in Earth Day by hosting table at an April Farmers Market.
  • Helped promote and participated in May 2013 Bike/Walk to Work Challenge.
  • Organized, participated, and promoted Battery Recycling Drive in August (Five Gallons were collected)
  • Collaborated with BatteriesPlus to implement permanent recycling in five county buildings.
  • Purchased 20 reusable bowls and 20 plates for everyone to use, and due to popular demand, ordered an additional set of 40 bowls, plates, cups, and cutlery.
  • Organized/Participated/Promoted America Recycles Day


  • Received its first-ever budget request for $3160 (FY 2013)
  • Created a Helena Recycling Guide
  • Created guidelines as County policy to reduce excessive heating and cooling. This document was drafted, but not adopted.
  • Contributed to collaborative efforts to obtain AMERESCO Investment Grade Energy Audit.
  • Requested and received funding for expanded recycling to include the following County buildings:
    City County Building, Health Department, Courthouse, Law Enforcement Center, Public Works, Fairgrounds
  • Replace disposable products with reusable, recycled, or compostable products as practicable. The Green Team purchased 20 bowls and 20 plates to be utilized for a pilot study in the City County building. The set will be available to any department within the building, and should help to promote the use of reusable products (instead of disposable products).
  • Created and is actively updating with current information a Green Team WordPress website:
  • Organized/Participated/Promoted Earth Day 2012
  • Participated/Promoted May Bike/Walk To Work Challenge (County won 2nd place for our size (categorized by number of employees – 200-500))


  • Implemented an energy reduction contest among selected county buildings
  • Identified current energy use in county facilities as a baseline against which to measure reductions in energy use –done through energy reduction contest
  • Posted signs next to light switches reminding employees to turn lights off when not in use
  • Established recycling at City-County building (Helena Recycling, LLC)
  • Board of County Commissioners adopted the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy
  • Influenced Employee Commute Patterns in Favor of Alternative Transportation (Carpooling, Walking, Bicycling, and Riding the Bus)
  • Researched potential to use intranet for alternative transportation information
  • Organized a bike safety seminar for employees.
  • Educated Lewis and Clark County Employees About Ways to Conserve Resources at Work and at Home.

Annual Reports:

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