There are many ways that individuals (within and outside of Lewis & Clark County operations) can adopt sustainable practices that promote environmental and fiscal stewardship.


Recycling, reducing the waste stream that we direct towards the landfill, is an effective way to reduce our environmental impact by reusing existing resources instead of processing raw materials. Learn more about recycling in Helena.

Energy Use

Reducing our individual and collective burden on limited energy resources, by advocating energy efficiency and reduced consumption, affects the amount of money we must spend on energy (heat, electricity) and also limits the environmental damage caused by many types of energy production.

Green your Business

In Montana, businesses are some of the strongest leaders in their communities — by implementing greener practices, sharing their success stories with others, and engaging their customers and employees, green businesses can affect positive environmental change.

The Tri-County Green Business Program is a free certification program that recognizes local businesses for their resource efficiency efforts. Businesses who participate have access to resources to help increase efficiency, cut costs and decrease their environmental impact.

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